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Last Updated: May 22, 2023

Careers in Medicine® (“CiM”) is an online resource owned and operated by the Association of American Medical Colleges (“AAMC”). After purchase, the CiM online content (“CiM Material”) is made available through (the “Site”).

Acceptance of Terms of Use
These terms and conditions (“Terms”) govern your purchase and use of the CiM Material.  In addition, the AAMC Website Terms and Conditions are incorporated herein by reference, if a conflict exists these Terms shall take precedence. If you do not accept these Terms, do not purchase the CiM Material nor use the services provided through the Site.

By visiting the Site, you also agree we may revise these Terms from time to time without providing notice to you. Your continued use of the Site after such revision marks your acceptance of the Terms as revised. We recommend you review these Terms regularly, as they are subject to change.

Personal Information
Personal information submitted in connection with the use of the CiM Material is subject to the AAMC Privacy Statement, as it may be amended from time to time, which is incorporated into these Terms by reference.

Your CiM assessment and exercise results are confidential. However, designated school representatives can view individual registration, login, and assessment dates.

Permitted Use and Access
The AAMC grants you a personal, non-exclusive, non-transferrable, limited privilege to access our Site. Unauthorized access to the Site includes, but is not limited to accessing any part of the Site, services, content, data, or information you do not have permission or authorization to access or for which AAMC has revoked your access; overriding any security feature or bypass or circumvent any access controls or use limits employed to prevent or limit access to any area of the Site or server; access content or data not intended for you or logging into a server or account which you are not authorized to access; hacking, password mining, application of scripts or other electronic mechanisms; or using any other illegitimate means. Your access to the Site is governed by all applicable laws.

Further, you may not engage in any activities that could damage, disable, or impair any AAMC server; take action that imposes an unreasonable or disproportionately large load on our network or infrastructure; collect content or information or otherwise mirror or access our Site using automated means (such as harvesting bots, robots, spiders, or scrapers); or modify, copy, distribute, or make any attempt to discover the source code, algorithms, or processes of this Site.

The AAMC reserves the right to refuse service or provide CiM Material access to any person or entity at our sole discretion.

CiM Material Updates, Limitations, and Storage
The CiM Material may be updated from time to time at our sole discretion. All such updates will be made available to you at no additional cost.

Limitations of the CiM Material for International Medical Students
The CiM Material, namely the career assessment instruments and the results they provide, were developed based on a normative sample of U.S. medical students and may not fully represent important factors used in making career and specialty decisions by individuals from other countries and cultures. Use the CiM Material with great care.

Storage of Individual Data and Assessment Results
AAMC reserves the right to delete your CiM individual data, assessment results, and associated activity five years from the date your access expired.

CiM Activation and Expiration
Your CiM subscription activation and expiration date depends on your subscription type or until AAMC determines to retire the Site and service.

U.S. MD Medical Students – No Purchase Necessary
Your CiM subscription is activated the date you first sign-in to the Site and continues for 15 years. For individuals who matriculated before 2021, your subscription is 5 years; please contact us if you have any questions.

AACOM Member U.S. DO Medical Students – No Purchase Necessary
Your CiM subscription is activated the date you first sign-in to the Site and continues through your fourth year of medical school.

AAMC Member Canadian Medical Students – No Purchase Necessary
Your CiM subscription is activated the date you first sign-in to the Site and continues for 5 years.

International Medical Students – Individual Purchase
Your CiM subscription is activated the date of your purchase and expires 1 year later.

International Medical Students – School Provided Access Code
Your CiM subscription is activated the date your medical school purchases your access code and expires when your school’s subscription ends. Please contact your medical school advisor for specific information about the length of your Site access.

No Refunds
All sales are final.  Refunds will not be issued.

Copyright Infringement
You may not copy, create derivative works, display, distribute, exploit for any commercial purposes, modify, publish, publicly perform, reproduce, resell, sell, or transmit any portion of the Site, CiM Material, and the products and services offered hereunder.  Failure to respect the AAMC copyright is grounds for immediate account termination and other actions as described in the “Violations of Terms and Conditions” section below. 

The AAMC is the copyright owner of its CiM Material or used with our members’ permission.  These Terms serve as copyright notice; any infringement shall be deemed willful.  The AAMC protects its intellectual property under 17 U.S.C. Section 101 et seq. and you could be liable for statutory damages set forth in Section 504(c)(2) therein.

Consent to Solicitation
When you register with the Site, you agree that we may provide you with information and other materials regarding products, services and other offers from time to time as described in the AAMC Privacy Statement.  Solicitations will be made to the email and/or street addresses and telephone numbers provided to us during the registration process or subsequently updated personal contact information.

Violations of Terms and Conditions
Violations of these Terms are subject to review and action by the AAMC, including, but not limited to, the following:

Suspension or Termination of Access
You understand that we reserve the right to suspend or terminate access to the CiM Material and block access to the Site by any user who violates – or who the AAMC in its sole discretion concludes may have violated – these terms or otherwise engages in conduct which the AAMC determines, in its sole discretion, is inappropriate. You understand that access to the CiM Material may be suspended or terminated with or without notice. Your access to the CiM Material will not be reinstated.

Other Redress Available to the AAMC
The AAMC may, at its sole discretion, file a civil lawsuit against you for material breaches of these Terms.  In addition, the AAMC may, at its sole discretion, refer you to one or more federal, state, or local prosecuting attorneys for criminal investigation and prosecution when it has a reasonable basis to conclude that you may have committed a crime in the course of violating these Terms.

If you have any questions about these Terms, please contact us at