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Welcome to the recorded website tour of the AAMC Careers in Medicine® (CiM) program.  
This video includes  

  • a description of the four-phase career-planning process  
  • an overview of the resources in each of the four phases 
  • guidance for navigating the structure of the CiM website 

After watching this video, you should be able to 

  • describe the CiM four-phase career-planning process 
  • navigate the CiM website 
  • access resources relevant to you in your career-planning journey 

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Chapters. The video is organized into chapters so you can view the part(s) of the website tour most relevant to you. Click the Chapters icon to navigate the video. 

Chapter 1 
About CiM: Research, Theory, and Application 
00:00 – 05:04 

Chapter 2 
CiM Website Tour: Phase 1 Understand Yourself 
05:04 – 10:50 

Chapter 3 
CiM Website Tour: Phase 2 Explore Options 
10:50 – 15:04 

Chapter 4 
CiM Website Tour: Phase 3 Choose Your Specialty 
15:04 – 16:50  

Chapter 5 
CiM Website Tour: Phase 4 Prepare for Residency 
16:50 – 19:43  

Chapter 6 
CiM Website Tour: Quick Links  
19:43 – 20:56 

Up Next 

After watching the video, determine your next steps in your career-planning journey.