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The Excellence in Medical Student Career Advising Staff Award recognizes the accomplishments and commitment of a staff member who provides advising or programmatic support for a career advising program.


  1. Individuals serving as staff at an AAMC-member, AAMC affiliate-member, or AACOM-member medical school. The nominee can be

    1. a staff member whose primary role at the institution is the direct delivery of career advising services to students or the development and implementation of career advising programs

    2. a staff member whose primary role at the institution is to provide logistical or administrative support for the development and/or implementation of career advising services for students

    3. a staff member whose primary responsibility is student affairs, academic advising, registration, clerkship coordination, residency program coordination, or similar, and who spends a portion of their time providing career advising services to students, developing and/or implementing career advising programming, or providing logistical or administrative support for such programs

    4. a staff member who has indirect responsibility for delivering career advising services to students

  2. Programs at schools with faculty or staff serving as members of the Careers in Medicine Advisory Committee during the award cycle are eligible for consideration for this award, but the Advisory Committee member affiliated with the nominee shall recuse themselves from the review of that individual.

  3. Previous award winners are ineligible.


Evidence of the following qualities will be used to evaluate nominations:

  1. Ability to establish effective relationships with students, faculty, and staff.

  2. Excellent organizational skills in support of CiM or other career advising-related events or programs.

  3. Ability to develop accurate and up-to-date resources to support students through the career planning process.

  4. Ability to monitor student progress and career success and connect students with appropriate resources as necessary.

  5. Ability and desire to seek opportunities for improvement in career advising processes.