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Oculoplastic surgeons are experts in eyelid, orbit, and lacrimal surgery. An oculoplastic surgeon is a board-certified ophthalmologist who has completed further fellowship training in plastic surgery of the periocular area. This field of medicine is devoted to treating problems of the eyelids, eye socket, and lacrimal system.

As ophthalmologists, we understand that the eyelids are an integral part of vision. A drooping or heavy upper eyelid can block vision. When the eyelid is affecting vision, an oculoplastic surgeon can help by correcting the anatomic deformity. Blepharoplasty and ptosis repair are two of the most common procedures that are performed.  Surgery on blocked tear ducts, eyelid skin cancers, and orbital trauma and tumors are also very common problems addressed by the oculoplastic surgeon.

Cosmetic surgery is a large part of oculoplastic surgery. Nobody understands the eyelids like an oculoplastic surgeon. When considering cosmetic eyelid surgery, it is always important to remember that the function of the eyelids is to protect the eyeballs. The eyelids are an integral segment of the vision system, and cosmetic surgery of the eyelids should never compromise ocular health.

Subspecialty of Ophthalmology

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