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An otolaryngologist–head and neck surgeon provides medical and/or surgical therapy or prevention of diseases, allergies, neoplasms, deformities, disorders and/or injuries of the ears, nose, sinuses, throat, respiratory and upper alimentary systems, face, jaws and the other head and neck systems. Head and neck oncology, facial plastic and reconstructive surgery and the treatment of disorders of hearing and voice are fundamental areas of expertise.

The practice of otolaryngologist–head and neck surgery overlaps to varying degrees with other specialties, such as general surgery, plastic surgery, ophthalmology, dermatology, neurosurgery, neurology, thoracic surgery, pediatrics, endocrinology, pulmonary medicine, and allergy/immunology. Specialists in otolaryngologist–head and neck surgery frequently collaborate with specialists in these other areas to achieve the best possible patient outcomes. Because of their intensive training in both medical and surgical aspects of disease evaluation and management, and focus only on the head and neck region, otolaryngologist–head and neck surgeons are frequently consulted by peer physicians from other specialties for providing assistance with patient care.

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