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After you submit your electronic residency application(s) and while you're waiting to hear back from programs about interview offers, it's time to plan and prepare for go time!

Your interview trail starts as soon as you receive the first communication from a program. From that point and until the residency application cycle ends, you're being interviewed (and you're interviewing the programs, too).

And all along your interview trail, you have lots of decisions and actions to take. How you approach those decisions and handle your interactions with programs bears much influence on the outcomes of your interview season.

CiM helps you put your best foot forward in your interactions with programs, then process what you learn about programs through those interactions in order to identify the programs that best fit you.

Schedule smart your interview trail

We're not talking about merely adding appointments to and tracking them on a calendar. Rather, we're talking about strategic planning, proper etiquette, and other smart moves to set yourself up for success on the interview trail and beyond.